Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Virtual Coffee

If we were talking over coffee today, I'd be having my Folger's Caramel coffee in my "Joy" mug that came as part of a set my mother-in-law gifted me on my birthday a couple years ago and telling you all about:

My fabulous Saturday that I posted about;

My lazy Sunday at home in my yoga pants;

My dear husband who rarely texts me, but sent me this message just moments after I was contemplating what to conjure up for dinner and not getting far in the idea department

and just one hour later came through the door from work with fresh, hot pizza from one of our favorite Italian restaurants;

The conversation I had when I picked my girl up at school yesterday and told her that "Poppy" (my dad) was in the hospital again and her response was, "but I know he's going to be okay" and how tear drops formed in my eyes when she continued, "I'm getting used to this. I should NOT be getting used to this."  She's right. She shouldn't be. None of us should;

How I had a Monday Funday post all typed up with pictures and as I went to hit publish it vanished last night, so I shut the laptop and went to bed;

How my dad's face lit up when I took my girl for a visit this afternoon...

Perhaps grand-daughters are the best medicine!

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