Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh, Say Can You See

Growing up I was never fond of sports. I didn't like playing them (I HATED phys. ed. class) and watching them was just as bad! Not much has changed since I've grown up, but I do enjoy an ice hockey game every now and again.

Last evening, we had the pleasure of attending a game at the local arena. It was the BEST game I have ever been to. After a slow start, our home team came to back to eventually win the game. But what made the game so great was pre-game. My girl and a small group of her classmates sang the National Anthem. So proud of her for representing her school and in a sense, her country. 

She did an amazing job singing and especially in front of such a big crowd. Attendance at the game was around 4000 people. (Of those, 1000 were Girl Scouts as it was their special night to be at a game. I have NEVER seen so many Girl Scouts in one place! HA!!).

My attempt to videotape didn't turn out so well...the kids had their backs to me and the majority of the anthem was before the lights came just pay attention to the singing!

National Anthem from Gabrielle Erway on Vimeo.

Once the game started, Em returned to her seat to cheer on the team, wave her flag, consume her fair share of concession stand food (snow cone and soft pretzel) and get all excited every time her school name came up on the scroll of the score board.

"Grandma" and "Nana" both joined us and it was a great family evening and another proud parenting moment!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shooting in the Park

OK...CALM DOWN and EXHALE! Not that kind of shooting! PHOTO SHOOT!

One of my favorite gal pals called on this sunny day and asked if I would be willing to conduct a little impromptu photo session of her and her girls in the park. Always up for a date with my camera, some time in the fresh, crisp autumn air, (and perhaps a little housework avoidance), I said, "Sure!"

So, after working this morning and a little lunch date with another two of my favorite girls (Em and my mom), I headed to meet them at the local park.

What a FUN time and gorgeous day!  I think I got some great shots of my friend and her three beautiful girls. Going to sort through them and do a little editing this evening. I can't wait for her to see the final results.

In the process of photographing her youngest (slightly difficult photo subject), one of the scarecrows residing in the park became know as, "George". Not to miss an opportunity for a little silliness, I found my way to the opposite side of the camera lens and posed for photographic proof of my newly formed friendship with "George"...

Love that the flag is in the background since it was taken today, Veteran's Day 2010! Thank you to all who have served our country!

Being Gabby...

Welcome to my new blog, "Being Gabby". I have made an attempt (albeit a lousy one) at blogging in the past. I'd write a post, neglect the blog for months, come back thinking "Why do I bother? I won't keep up-to-date. It'd be too much work to update everything that's happened in my bloggy absence. No one cares what I post, anyway! Do I really want everyone knowing the real me that might be exposed through blogging?" Then I thought about it...perhaps I am the ONLY ONE who reads what I write or looks at the photos I add. What better reason than that to record my life than so I can have a place to come and be reminded of my blessings, the trials that make me a stronger, better person and all the moments of my life that combine to make me who I am. If I'm not the only one, perhaps I will bring a smile to your face, brighten your day or even become a source of encouragement.

So...I decided to start fresh with a new blog site and blank slate to tell the tale of "Being Gabby." If you are out there reading along, WELCOME and I hope you'll drop by again soon!