Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Writer

Five Minute Friday
Linking Up with Lisa Jo Baker for today's 5 Minute Friday: "Writer" 

I always dreamed of being a writer. I could see it: my name in print. The 9 letters of my long first name gracefully sprawled across the newsprint or along a binding in the local bookstore.

Sometimes, young daydreams and wishes don't come true and the realization hits that maybe it isn't part of the greater plan. But maybe, just maybe, it isn't "NO". Perhaps it's "not now" or even "yes" but a bit different from the original vision.

In the midst of life, words, phrases, beginning and ending sentences begin to flood my mind. I find the nearest writing supplies to record them. Sometimes it's the virtual keyboard on a smartphone. Sometimes pretty ink creates the words on the lined pages of a fresh new journal. Other times it's thoughts scribbled in crayon on a scrap of paper or even a grocery receipt that's been in the bottom of a messy purse for weeks. Whatever it looks like, the words get written and I allow myself for a moment to dare to dream once again that someday I will be a writer. It's then I realize, perhaps I already am.