Monday, February 2, 2009

My Girl

Just the mention of her name, the sight of her or a quick thought about her brings a smile to my face. That's my girl! Before I became a mom, I could never have imagined what joy it would bring my life. Saturday we celebrated Emily's 8th birthday and I have to say I am so proud of her...the little lady she's becoming. She has such a sweet spirit, genuine love for all and compassion like I've never seen.

As an only child, she has not wanted for fact she's been quite spoiled. At times I think she competes with Geoffrey the Giraffe as far as how many toys she has! During a sorting/organizing session one day in her room, the idea came that for her birthday she wanted a puppy party and that instead of gifts for her she wanted the guests to bring toys and treats to donate to the local animal shelter.

This past weekend, we hosted the 8th birthday Puppies & Pjs sleepover party and the girls brought all kinds of goodies for the animals. So today, after I picked her up from school, we headed to the local SPCA to deliver the gifts. (We took Nana along to be sure that we kept our promise to Ben not to bring anyone home no matter how cute or snuggly they were!) What an awesome afternoon watching my daughter go from cage to cage handing out toys to the cats & dogs. How I wish it could be different for I wish when we had gotten there the cages were all empty...everyone had found a forever home. That isn't the case and most likely will never be. Unfortunately, there will always be a need. A sad fact that brings a tear to my eye...but knowing that my girl brought a ray of light to an otherwise dark and gloomy place brings tears of joy and pride.

P.S. We did not adopt anyone...although there was a kitten that I could've easily made mine and a puppy that Emily thought should join the family. And if it couldn't be hers, well...we could bring it home to Poppy! Nice try, sweetie!