Monday, January 30, 2012

Rocking My World...

As you can imagine my blog hiatus has been brought on by the chaos of life! The holiday season was wonderful as usual. One of the big excuses for my disappearance, I have been sharing some of my days with a sweet little baby girl (babysitting for a relative). She is just a little joy and I love it, but I have to admit it is tiring (especially those days that consist mostly of redirecting her from the dog food bowl and other forbidden spots) and I can't believe how much I had forgotten not having a baby in the house for so long. It's kinda been rocking my world. Which brings me to the real fun and real "rocking time"...

Saturday we hosted Emily's 11th (yes...11th! How did that happen?!?) birthday party here at the house. Backstory: Ben's grandfather owned a soda fountain/sweet shop in town way back when. So for Emily's birthday we recreated a little of it with a 50s theme party/the Erway Sweet Shop complete with penny candy, ice cream & soda floats and a little bit of rocking to the oldies!

Let me just tell you that having 10 5th graders in my living room all at one time...well, it ROCKED my world! It was the perfect blend of FUN and EXHAUSTING!

After a low key day on Sunday, we're back to business today and headed out to dinner tonight with the birthday girl and tomorrow evening (her actual birthday) will be spent at home with snuggles and homemade cake!

Here's a couple quick highlights of Saturday's festivities: