Thursday, May 22, 2008



Emily's Tae Kwan Do school has a monthly theme and they are asked to complete a list of 10 items related to the topic. May's assignment is to list 10 things that they appreciate.

As I often have a glass "half empty" attitude and see the negative in things, I have decided to challenge myself to create a list of things that I appreciate and am thankful for. Here's a start...

1. My sweet and thoughtful daughter who brings in the mail (often with some freshly picked dandelions)

2. My husband who went grocery shopping Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain (while I took a nap)

3. Cuddling with my daughter while she reads to me

4. Modern medicine (as I deal with a sinus infection...again? still?)

5. An upcoming long weekend with a parade that'll pass by the end our our street

6. Blooming Oriental Poppies in my flower garden

Stay tuned for more...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Rank

It's official...Emily has advanced to Orange Belt in Tae Kwan Do. She had her testing and belt ceremony last evening. So, as promised, we went to Friendly's tonight for dinner. And then on to the school's art show at the mall. There was some really amazing works to see. The kids do a great job and the art teacher is just fantastic!

I am so proud of Em! She really works hard.

Mother's Day 2008

"A MOTHER holds her children's hands for a moment, but their hearts forever."

Although the best gift ever came to me on January 31, 2001...I received some lovely tokens of love and appreciation this mother's day. Emily presented me with an amazing card she had created and a handmade ceramic "Mommy Pot" that was crafted during art class at school. It is absolutely beautiful and will certainly serve its purpose of holding handpicked flowers from the yard. And Ben took me to the garden center to pick out rose bushes. I selected "Garden Party" and a climber...will be sure to post photos of the first blooms!After church we headed to a family cookout with my in-laws...steak & mushrooms, salt potatoes, fresh garden salad and homemade ice cream cake (thanks guys! And Tammy!)While some of the gang played a game of Bocce, I opted for a little R&R on the back deck...

Friday, May 2, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord can use us in mighty ways even in the simplest of places and situations...

Since last spring I have been leading a ladies group at our church. We meet weekly for bible study, fellowship and encouragement...and best of all lots of fun! This past Thursday, the weather was cool, damp and gloomy. When we gathered at the church there was a definite chill in there and we decided to go in search of something to warm us up a bit. One of the ladies works at the local mall and had been telling us of a new tea shop there that a couple had recently opened up. So off we went to try it out! (I think I have discovered my new favorite place!)

With too many flavor choices in front of us, the owner suggested a brief question and answer session after which he made some recommendations. Once the perfect flavor was selected, we sat down to partake of our tea and some chocolate covered biscotti...YUM!

We began chatting and soon one of the owners decided to join in our conversation. She immediately "fit in" and we talked like we had know each other for quite some time. She began sharing a little about the struggles and heartaches that she's experienced. This is where it gets good!

We were able to share with her from the scriptures and let her know that Jesus loves us the way we are, right where we are at, and that even in times of trouble and hurt He never leaves us. Though we struggle He is with us and is ready to guide us and get us through if we'll seek Him. As Christians, there is no promise that things will be easy, but He has promised to walk beside us each step of the way. If we let Him!

What started out as a trip to warm our physical bodies became the perfect chance to warm anothers heart and faith just a little. Praise the Lord for taking us to the right place at the right moment and letting us enjoy a little "ChristianiTEA".