Thursday, May 22, 2008


Emily's Tae Kwan Do school has a monthly theme and they are asked to complete a list of 10 items related to the topic. May's assignment is to list 10 things that they appreciate.

As I often have a glass "half empty" attitude and see the negative in things, I have decided to challenge myself to create a list of things that I appreciate and am thankful for. Here's a start...

1. My sweet and thoughtful daughter who brings in the mail (often with some freshly picked dandelions)

2. My husband who went grocery shopping Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain (while I took a nap)

3. Cuddling with my daughter while she reads to me

4. Modern medicine (as I deal with a sinus infection...again? still?)

5. An upcoming long weekend with a parade that'll pass by the end our our street

6. Blooming Oriental Poppies in my flower garden

Stay tuned for more...

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