Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daring to Dream Because I Don't Have to be Perfect

Dreams and perfectionism. You might think those two would be a good combination. In your dreams everything is perfect, right? Well, in my case dreams and perfectionism don't get along quite so nicely. You see, I get grand dreams of things I would like to try or would like to accomplish and my perfectionist tendencies hold me back. What if if doesn't work? What would others think of me? What if...I FAIL? So often my dreams have been crushed or at least set aside in the name of fear. But what if I could dare to dream and remember that I don't have to be perfect? Well, I may now be in possession of a couple great little reminders.

Remember my post about (in)courage's inRL "un-conference" that's coming up in April? (By the way-there is still time to join me!) Well, co-founder of (in)courage and author, Holley Gerth, and Dayspring (the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark) have teamed up to bring us an amazing new line of products inspired by her most recently released book, You're Already Amazing.

Thanks to Dayspring & (in)courage, I am blessed to be one of the lucky ladies reviewing a couple items as part of the March (in)spired deals.

I recently received the Perfectly Loved Journal and the Dream Canvas Wrapped Block.

The journal is bound in soft fabric in a lovely shade of light blue and the cover verse is a beautiful reminder that we are loved by the One who truly matters and loves us like no other regardless of our imperfections. "She didn't have to be perfect because she was perfectly loved."

I can't wait to start using the journal to leave my insecurities and imperfections behind on the pages as well as to document my blessings and dreams.

Which brings me to the "Dream" block. This beautiful blue canvas wrapped block showcases a bird flying free from its open cage and the words, "Dare to make that difference, take that step, follow that dream" and the scripture verse, "All things are possible with God".

May I remember to keep dreaming and to know that I CAN make a difference, take that first (sometimes difficult) step and follow my dreams. I just need to release myself from the "cage" of fear and fly free.

Be sure to head on over to Dayspring and do a little shopping. I think you will be as blessed by their products as I have been!