Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Through These Eyes

This is my "mentor moment" that I wrote for a recent MOPS meeting.

As I came through the living room doorway, I heard, “Hi, mom! What’d ya think?” Standing there was my 7-year old wearing my glasses.

“Nice!” I said…glad that she doesn’t need corrective eyewear but secretly thinking how cute she looks with them.

Later, as I thought about the afternoon’s events, it hit me. What if by placing those glasses on her face, she had really seen things from my point of view? Would she have had my sometimes negative, critical and pessimistic outlook?

Then, it REALLY hit me. What if things were turned around and instead I viewed life through her eyes…the eyes of a child? How different things might be if seen from her big, innocent, hazel eyes that radiate life and see the wonder and beauty of the world around her.

Glasses, contacts or 20/20 vision…blue, green, or brown eyes…no matter what the physical factors of our sight, we can make the choice daily of how we view life, our circumstances and the situations we face.

I desire to take the time to notice the beauty and recognize my blessings.