Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have come to realize that when you get the urge to do something and you can't help thinking about it, maybe it's urgent!

There's some small parks in the vicinity of our home including one situated just up the block. For a week or more, each time I paused at the stop sign on the end of our street, I couldn't help but glance across the avenue and notice the autumn leaves gracefully landing in the park and piling up. Each day as I turned and headed up the road past the park, I thought about how pretty the leaves were and how much I wished I had time to stop and enjoy them.

Then, last Tuesday, I was driving Emily to school, passed the park once again, and felt the urge to take her there to play in the leaves. One of my fondest memories of her toddler years is in autumn when she would scoop up the biggest pile of leaves she could into her tiny hands, throw them up in the air to tumble down upon us both and yell, "LEAF DAY!" So, that day, I just had the urge to take my little girl for a "Leaf Day".

I told her my idea and she agreed we should go to the park and play. Unfortunately, on that very day, our major fund-raising event at work took place which meant working extra work hours, Ben was out of town which meant added tasks at home...needless to say we did not make it to the park. Still, I couldn't help think about going. So Wednesday morning, as I headed to the school with her, I thought, "maybe today will be the day." Well, work and appointments and life happened that day. By the time I arrived home, I was exhausted! But still...I felt the urge to get my girl, grab the camera and walk to the park.

So, Emily, Gibbs (my parents' puppy) and I headed up the street. Once there, my girl scooped leaves, jumped in the leaves, flopped in the leaves, made Leaf Angels, posed for a couple photos and had a "LEAF DAY!" It was awesome!!

The next day, I drove past the park and the leaves...were...GONE! The village crew had been there and cleaned them all away! If I had given in to busyness, fatigue, or any of the other numerous excuses not to take my girl to the park when I did, I would've missed the opportunity all together. I am so glad that I followed my urge to go and make wonderful memories before it was too late!

As Emily continues to grow up (all too quickly for my liking), may I always sense the urgency in my urges and remember to listen to that little voice inside telling me to "just go for it." May I choose beautiful memories over missed opportunities! And, may I share my little girl's genuine love of life...because, it's true...LIFE IS GOOD!

Sick Day, Housework and a Haircut

Sunday evening I caught the bug-the cleaning bug! I decided enough was enough and I determined not to rest until the top of my desk was cleared off! Later, I sat back admiring my work, feeling good about my accomplishment and quietly thought how nice it would be to have a whole day to just sort through all the drawers and get rid of some clutter. Well, be careful what ya wish for! Monday morning came around (all too soon...as it usually does) and my little girl woke up with a sore throat and coughing. After a little discussion/examination, I decided that it was most likely just a cold as she had no fever. But since she usually does not ask to stay home and there is so much illness going around right now, I kept her home. Which meant I stayed home as well! So there was my entire day at home...perhaps hint enough to get busy and get some housework and de-cluttering accomplished!

The end result was cleaned out, neat and organized desk drawers. And a good laugh during the project when I found a Clutter Busting book nestled in the middle of some serious clutter in a drawer.

Emily spent the day lounging around in her pjs and resting and felt good enough by late afternoon to go on her "special mission" she had been waiting all weekend for...the hair salon! She had decided that she wanted to get a new hair do. Here is the before...

And after...7 inches gone!

She is very happy with it and I think she looks terrific!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Blog!

Several times over the past couple years, I have decided to write a blog about the happenings in life but have somehow let that very life get in the way of keeping up with it. I have been told by numerous people how much they enjoy reading my status updates on Facebook and it's been suggested by several individuals that I should blog. So here goes...a new blog, a fresh start, and hopefully a new found commitment to keep up with writing about all the happenings in the Erway household!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I AM Thankful: Day 7

Me and My Stylist

Yesterday was Day 7 of I AM Thankful.
I am very thankful for the opportunity to set everything aside for a while and spend special un-interrupted time with my precious daughter at her "E-Claire Salon" (aka the living room).
I was treated to a curly hairdo, some of her brand new lip gloss and a rainbow tattoo. Such a fun time! And as she told her Dad..."you've got to see her. Mom's curly hairdo rocks!"

I AM Thankful: Day 6

Monday was Day 6 of I AM Thankful. Been so busy and blessed I didn't get here...

Thankful for the opportunity to open our home and our hearts to our growth group. Shared fellowship, dinner and I got to share some of the baked goodies that I had such fun making on Sunday evening.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I AM Thankful: Day 5

Today I AM Thankful for:
The warmth and coziness of a friend's sleeping baby snuggled into my neck and shoulder during morning worship...
My newly acquired baking skills...
Some silliness & fun with the loves of my life...

I AM Thankful: Day 4

So I got busy and didn't get her to post again yesterday. But I was thankful for:
A trip to the apple orchard with my 2 favorite people...
Another pound of weight loss...
A quiet evening at home...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I AM Thankful: Day 3

I'm actually posting a day late. I had my thankful items but didn't get here to post yesterday. So...
I AM thankful for a Friday off of work with the time and motivation to get housework done, for a lunch date with my husband, for the new jeans I wore on said date (3 sizes smaller), for all the laughter and fun that my daughter had with her two little playmates...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An extra for Day 2:

I am thankful for special friends and the opportunity and ability to bless them with little gifts or acts of kindness. (And for the new title that I've claimed in doing so...Say hello to the Capuccino Fairy.)

I AM Thankful: Day 2

Due to a little conflict in scheduling, Emily attended a meeting with me last evening. By the time we got home and unwound bedtime was postponed a bit. So, this morning was not one of the smoother flowing mornings that we've had lately. But...I AM thankful. We were all healthy enough to get out of bed this morning, Emily is able to attend school and get an education, I have a job to rush to in the morning and there was food in the kitchen to pack lunches with. That's more than many have! So I give thanks!

And for a little laugh...I can't help but recall the face Ben made when he heard the geese flying over head this morning. Heading SOUTH!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I AM Thankful: Day 1

*UPDATE: I told my sweet girl what I am doing and she wants to participate. She says she's thankful for her friends and family that love her so much.*

Today I am thankful for an amazing daughter who brightens my day with a "Mornin', Mommy!" and extra long hugs!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Season of Thanks

Happy fall, y'all! As autumn officially began today I have been thinking about all that comes with it. We are anticipating apple picking, the continued growth of our pumpkin (separate post in the near future with all the details on how pumpkin growing came to be at our house), Halloween and eventually Thanksgiving.

I've also been trying very hard lately to focus on the positive and all of the many blessings in my life. So I've decided to challenge myself to come up with at least 1 thing each day now through Thanksgiving that I am thankful for. My hope is that with each falling leaf, my negativity will drift away as well. I want to live intentionally, notice the little things and realize the many gifts in my life.

Tonight I'm going to start with being thankful for family and friends who love me unconditionally... even when I'm having an "EGR" Moment (Extra Grace Required-LOVE that term...thanks Pastor Bill!)

My moments tend to come all too frequently and I so appreciate the love and support of family and am grateful for my dear friends who have made the decision to become part of my life and choose to stand by me. I'm lucky to have such wonderful people in my life to love me even during the rough patches and encourage me to do what I need to do to have less of them. THANKS to all for your love, support, encouragement and inspiration.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Changing of the Seasons

According to the calendar, tomorrow is the change of the seasons...the "official" end of summer and start of autumn. The leaves will soon turn vivid shades of red, orange and yellow and will then begin their graceful flight through the air as they drift to the ground.

Autumn, with it's ability to awaken the senses and bring back fond memories, is my favorite season. The colorful foliage, the rustle of leaves beneath my feet, a slight crispness in the air, apple picking, pumpkin spice candles and so much more...some of my most precious moments in life have occured this time of year.

Nearly 12 years ago, Ben and I were wed on an amazingly beautiful autumn day and spent a lovely week in Vermont...5 years later, we returned to the countryside of Vermont for a long weekend where we enjoyed the scenery, foliage, some covered bridges and the chance to get away from it all. Fast forward another 5 years...we traveled to Puerto Rico where we spent an amazing week with our "personal tour guide" and concluded the trip celebrating our 10th Anniversary exploring Old San Juan with some dear friends and then had a most delicious, romantic and unforgettable dinner for two at a fabulous restaurant in the Old City.

But, this year as autumn draws ever near, I can't help but think about the change of seasons in my life especially as a mother. When the school year began, Emily stated that starting with the very first day, she was going in alone. I was not to walk her to her room, not even on the first day. And this past Friday, she went on a sleepover to a friends house. Bit by bit I am having to let go as my "baby girl" takes steps towards independence. It is bittersweet. I am excited to watch her grow and blossom into the beautiful little lady she is becoming, but I can't help wishing in a way that I could rewind time or at least make time stand still. I think of all the moments spent with a tiny girl requiring, or perhaps just demanding, my undivided attention most every moment of the day (and night!)...and now I am face to face with the reality, that each day that passes brings to her a little more independence and a little less dependence on me. So begins my process of learning to loosen the grip, watch her spread her wings a little and be the safe landing place should she fall along the way.

As I walk beside her on the journey to find herself, I am also finding some of my lost and yet to be discovered dreams for my own life and coming to know how truly blessed I am and have been in each "season" of my life.

To everything there is a season...
Ecclesiastes 3:1

I'm back...

So after a long blogging hiatus, I have decided to come back. I guess at times I felt I had nothing of any importance to say and I'll admit I have become a bit addicted to Facebook. But since I tend to change my status numerous times a day to reflect my thoughts and what's happening, I decided maybe I should start writing here again. So, I'm back!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Girl

Just the mention of her name, the sight of her or a quick thought about her brings a smile to my face. That's my girl! Before I became a mom, I could never have imagined what joy it would bring my life. Saturday we celebrated Emily's 8th birthday and I have to say I am so proud of her...the little lady she's becoming. She has such a sweet spirit, genuine love for all and compassion like I've never seen.

As an only child, she has not wanted for much...in fact she's been quite spoiled. At times I think she competes with Geoffrey the Giraffe as far as how many toys she has! During a sorting/organizing session one day in her room, the idea came that for her birthday she wanted a puppy party and that instead of gifts for her she wanted the guests to bring toys and treats to donate to the local animal shelter.

This past weekend, we hosted the 8th birthday Puppies & Pjs sleepover party and the girls brought all kinds of goodies for the animals. So today, after I picked her up from school, we headed to the local SPCA to deliver the gifts. (We took Nana along to be sure that we kept our promise to Ben not to bring anyone home no matter how cute or snuggly they were!) What an awesome afternoon watching my daughter go from cage to cage handing out toys to the cats & dogs. How I wish it could be different for them...how I wish when we had gotten there the cages were all empty...everyone had found a forever home. That isn't the case and most likely will never be. Unfortunately, there will always be a need. A sad fact that brings a tear to my eye...but knowing that my girl brought a ray of light to an otherwise dark and gloomy place brings tears of joy and pride.

P.S. We did not adopt anyone...although there was a kitten that I could've easily made mine and a puppy that Emily thought should join the family. And if it couldn't be hers, well...we could bring it home to Poppy! Nice try, sweetie!

Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30

As I recall this date eight years ago...it's hard to tell which was bigger...my belly or my excitement! I was busy making preparations and pretty much beside myself with anticipation of the little girl who would soon join our life and family. Little did I know on that 30th day of January exactly how soon she'd join us. Her "Poppy" kept saying she was coming the end of January, but with a due date of February 11th I was convinced that she was going to be a "Valentine's baby"! Oh how different the plan for us was!

I had gone to work that day...made dinner...went to an evening checkup with the dr. (who said that I would most likely go past my due date and that my little princess would be approximately 7-8 pounds. I stopped by my parents for a short time, went home, had a bowl of ice cream (my favorite food at the time and ever since) and snuggled into bed for as much sleep as you can get when you're that far along in pregnancy and oh so huge!

While up for a routine trip to down the hall to the bathroom about 2:30am (you know what I mean about routine middle of the night bathroom trips if you've ever been pregnant) and it soon became clear that Emily's grand appearance was not scheduled for February!

Being that I was still had some time before my due date, I hadn't yet packed my bag for the hospital. So I called Ben who was working overnights and then began to scramble to get ready to go.

Once at the hospital, the Lil Miss decided that she was in no rush to make her appearance. After the longest day of my life, Emily Claire was born at 11:29pm on January 31st. She was incredibly beautiful and oh so tiny...a mere 5lbs 4oz. And that was the beginning of the amazing journey we've been on since.

As we prepare to celebrate her 8th birthday tomorrow I can hardly believe how fast time has gone. She has brought more joy into my life than I could ever have imagined. I am so proud to have her and to be her momma.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So much has happened since I last posted here. We've been so busy having fun and living life I just haven't written. (That and facebook has been taking me away a bit, too.)

We had an amazing holiday season with lots of family fun. Christmas was wonderful as usual (with Aunt Barb here from Orlando again this year) and New Year's was real nice...especially with a visit from Steph & Marty.

On a sad note, shortly after the new year began we had to let our old furry friend, Gromit go. He was showing his age and then some and had developed some medical issues. Though it was one of the most difficult and painful decisions we've had to make, we said our goodbyes and let him go. He will be forever in our hearts and part of the family.

Emily's 8th birthday is fast approaching and she will be playing hostess to some friends for her first ever sleepover. There's an exciting birthday surprise in the works that I'm sure will warrant a photo opportunity...possibly a video clip. Stay tuned...

Hope you all survived the holidays and getting back into the swing of things this new year.