Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sick Day, Housework and a Haircut

Sunday evening I caught the bug-the cleaning bug! I decided enough was enough and I determined not to rest until the top of my desk was cleared off! Later, I sat back admiring my work, feeling good about my accomplishment and quietly thought how nice it would be to have a whole day to just sort through all the drawers and get rid of some clutter. Well, be careful what ya wish for! Monday morning came around (all too soon...as it usually does) and my little girl woke up with a sore throat and coughing. After a little discussion/examination, I decided that it was most likely just a cold as she had no fever. But since she usually does not ask to stay home and there is so much illness going around right now, I kept her home. Which meant I stayed home as well! So there was my entire day at home...perhaps hint enough to get busy and get some housework and de-cluttering accomplished!

The end result was cleaned out, neat and organized desk drawers. And a good laugh during the project when I found a Clutter Busting book nestled in the middle of some serious clutter in a drawer.

Emily spent the day lounging around in her pjs and resting and felt good enough by late afternoon to go on her "special mission" she had been waiting all weekend for...the hair salon! She had decided that she wanted to get a new hair do. Here is the before...

And after...7 inches gone!

She is very happy with it and I think she looks terrific!

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