Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have come to realize that when you get the urge to do something and you can't help thinking about it, maybe it's urgent!

There's some small parks in the vicinity of our home including one situated just up the block. For a week or more, each time I paused at the stop sign on the end of our street, I couldn't help but glance across the avenue and notice the autumn leaves gracefully landing in the park and piling up. Each day as I turned and headed up the road past the park, I thought about how pretty the leaves were and how much I wished I had time to stop and enjoy them.

Then, last Tuesday, I was driving Emily to school, passed the park once again, and felt the urge to take her there to play in the leaves. One of my fondest memories of her toddler years is in autumn when she would scoop up the biggest pile of leaves she could into her tiny hands, throw them up in the air to tumble down upon us both and yell, "LEAF DAY!" So, that day, I just had the urge to take my little girl for a "Leaf Day".

I told her my idea and she agreed we should go to the park and play. Unfortunately, on that very day, our major fund-raising event at work took place which meant working extra work hours, Ben was out of town which meant added tasks at home...needless to say we did not make it to the park. Still, I couldn't help think about going. So Wednesday morning, as I headed to the school with her, I thought, "maybe today will be the day." Well, work and appointments and life happened that day. By the time I arrived home, I was exhausted! But still...I felt the urge to get my girl, grab the camera and walk to the park.

So, Emily, Gibbs (my parents' puppy) and I headed up the street. Once there, my girl scooped leaves, jumped in the leaves, flopped in the leaves, made Leaf Angels, posed for a couple photos and had a "LEAF DAY!" It was awesome!!

The next day, I drove past the park and the leaves...were...GONE! The village crew had been there and cleaned them all away! If I had given in to busyness, fatigue, or any of the other numerous excuses not to take my girl to the park when I did, I would've missed the opportunity all together. I am so glad that I followed my urge to go and make wonderful memories before it was too late!

As Emily continues to grow up (all too quickly for my liking), may I always sense the urgency in my urges and remember to listen to that little voice inside telling me to "just go for it." May I choose beautiful memories over missed opportunities! And, may I share my little girl's genuine love of life...because, it's true...LIFE IS GOOD!

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