Monday, September 21, 2009

Changing of the Seasons

According to the calendar, tomorrow is the change of the seasons...the "official" end of summer and start of autumn. The leaves will soon turn vivid shades of red, orange and yellow and will then begin their graceful flight through the air as they drift to the ground.

Autumn, with it's ability to awaken the senses and bring back fond memories, is my favorite season. The colorful foliage, the rustle of leaves beneath my feet, a slight crispness in the air, apple picking, pumpkin spice candles and so much more...some of my most precious moments in life have occured this time of year.

Nearly 12 years ago, Ben and I were wed on an amazingly beautiful autumn day and spent a lovely week in Vermont...5 years later, we returned to the countryside of Vermont for a long weekend where we enjoyed the scenery, foliage, some covered bridges and the chance to get away from it all. Fast forward another 5 years...we traveled to Puerto Rico where we spent an amazing week with our "personal tour guide" and concluded the trip celebrating our 10th Anniversary exploring Old San Juan with some dear friends and then had a most delicious, romantic and unforgettable dinner for two at a fabulous restaurant in the Old City.

But, this year as autumn draws ever near, I can't help but think about the change of seasons in my life especially as a mother. When the school year began, Emily stated that starting with the very first day, she was going in alone. I was not to walk her to her room, not even on the first day. And this past Friday, she went on a sleepover to a friends house. Bit by bit I am having to let go as my "baby girl" takes steps towards independence. It is bittersweet. I am excited to watch her grow and blossom into the beautiful little lady she is becoming, but I can't help wishing in a way that I could rewind time or at least make time stand still. I think of all the moments spent with a tiny girl requiring, or perhaps just demanding, my undivided attention most every moment of the day (and night!)...and now I am face to face with the reality, that each day that passes brings to her a little more independence and a little less dependence on me. So begins my process of learning to loosen the grip, watch her spread her wings a little and be the safe landing place should she fall along the way.

As I walk beside her on the journey to find herself, I am also finding some of my lost and yet to be discovered dreams for my own life and coming to know how truly blessed I am and have been in each "season" of my life.

To everything there is a season...
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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