Thursday, November 11, 2010

Being Gabby...

Welcome to my new blog, "Being Gabby". I have made an attempt (albeit a lousy one) at blogging in the past. I'd write a post, neglect the blog for months, come back thinking "Why do I bother? I won't keep up-to-date. It'd be too much work to update everything that's happened in my bloggy absence. No one cares what I post, anyway! Do I really want everyone knowing the real me that might be exposed through blogging?" Then I thought about it...perhaps I am the ONLY ONE who reads what I write or looks at the photos I add. What better reason than that to record my life than so I can have a place to come and be reminded of my blessings, the trials that make me a stronger, better person and all the moments of my life that combine to make me who I am. If I'm not the only one, perhaps I will bring a smile to your face, brighten your day or even become a source of encouragement.

So...I decided to start fresh with a new blog site and blank slate to tell the tale of "Being Gabby." If you are out there reading along, WELCOME and I hope you'll drop by again soon!

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