Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tell It Tuesday

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated a Palm Sunday/Early Easter dinner with Ben's family while his aunt was still in town visiting from Florida. Delicious food was consumed, laughter was heard around the dinner table and a good time was had by all.

I didn't get a chance to post a Monday "FunDay" post yesterday. Somehow the day got away from me with bill paying, errands and other not so fun grown-up tasks. But the day ended on a fun note. Since Aunt Barb was headed back to Florida today (wish I had climbed in her luggage) we had one last 3D movie night here at our place. We watched Tangled. Although Emily has the regular dvd which we have watched - probably literally -100 times, seeing it in 3D made it like a whole new movie to me. Of course no movie night would be complete without some of Chef Ben's popcorn.

Today Ben and I attended a memorial service for a sweet lady who spent an amazing 92 years living out her faith and loving on those around her. It was awesome to see that little community church so full of people whose lives she had touched. I think it's safe to say everyone who encountered her came away a better person as a result. I did not know her nearly as well as I wish I had, but any time I was in her presence I just sensed her joy and her love of her Lord and those around her. I also know how deeply she touched and affected my husband and his family. While it's sad to have lost such a great lady here on earth, she has left behind quite a legacy and we rejoice with her as she has received the ultimate reward she has been working towards all these years. There's no doubt she has heard those sweet words, "well done, my good and faithful servant." What an example of a life well lived. Until we meet again, "Gram".

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