Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: HOME

"If only I could quit seeing it as the fixer-upper house that'll never be enough and instead work on my fixer-upper attitude to see it as the home that it is: overflowing with love," were the powerful words I wrote in this post several months ago.

Although I have been working hard at clearing clutter and doing some little projects (including a new living room paint color), I doubt this old house will ever be worthy of a magazine cover or the HGTV channel. Our furnishings are a mis-matched collection of hand-me downs and bargain finds we carted home with a little DIY thrown into the mix. There was no fancy advertisements, outrageous price tags or delivery in three days or less! In fact, most came with a note stating, "some assembly required." But they're ours. They tell a story: our story. The story of how we are making this house our home.

And one thing is certain. At the end of the day when I sink into the worn-down cushions of my secondhand couch, I am home. Surrounded by the people, the pets, the memories and the moments yet to come...I am home.

I just love this sign that I have hanging in our living room. What a great reminder.
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  1. "the people, the pets, the memories and the moments yet to come..."

    what a perfect description of what home should be

    May His peace fill every corner!

  2. I agree w/ HisFireFly.

    Laura Hedgecock