Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun-Day: Decor Edition

Monday morning started out with a shopping list and hopes of getting the errands done ahead of the impending snow storm. Not very exciting but it needed to get done.

Bringing my mother and heading to my favorite store was sure to increase the fun factor...or was it? Yes, she made it better. But I was starting to have my doubts on the rest. I'm not sure if they were re-arranging, re-stocking, or what but I just felt like the store was a bit disorganized and not up to par today. Perhaps it was me that was off...I don't know.

Anyway, I was not enjoying myself but mornings aren't good without k-cups, cats are NOT happy without their cat food and certain 12-year-old girls like to have something to pack for lunch. So I was making the best of it.

Trying to add a little cheer, since, you can't tell from the weather, it is almost Easter, I decided to pick up a little treat for myself.
A bit expensive, but oh so tasty, and not as bad for me as a bag of chocolates!

Then it was time to get back on task and back to my list. That is until I rounded the end of an aisle and spotted these lovelies:

How much FUN are they? I was falling in decor love. Best part: they were 50% off! Let's just say that there might be a cute little addition to a wall near me soon!

I'll sit back and admire it while eating my jelly beans. Who wants to guess which art I chose while I guess what flavors I'm having?

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