Tuesday, July 1, 2008


As I prepare to celebrate my 33rd birthday tomorrow, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the blessings I have had so far in my life and make a list of things that bring me joy...

So here's 33 things that make me thankful and happy (in no particular order):

1. My loving husband
2. My precious daughter
3. My parents, sister and other family members
4. My Lord
5. Daisies (especially handpicked by blessing #1 or #2)
6. Dandelion wishes
7. Rainbows
8. Sunsets
9. Sunrises (YES, I have gotten up early enough to see a few…and while on vacation no less!)
10. Home mani/pedi with Em
11. Friends
12. A cup of tea
13. Ice cream (my BIG weakness)
14. A good book
15. Photography
16. Bedtime stories & snuggles
17. “Secret” goodbye handshakes
18. Fireworks
19. My “Box” (XB)
20. My 30th birthday gift! (BMW)
21. Our furry family members
22. Receiving mail (that isn’t a bill or junk)
23. Smores ‘round a campfire
24. Butterflies
25. Mediterranean pizza from our favorite pizza shop/café
26. “Leaf days”
27. Apple picking
28. Fresh donuts and hot cider
29. “Refrigerator Art”
30. Hugs
31. A neat and tidy desk (though it doesn’t happy often at home…when it does it makes me very content!)
32. The scent of a summer afternoon rain shower
33. Starry nights

And an extra...Snow Angels

P.S. I am also SO VERY thankful that Em seems to be finally over the nasty virus that hung on for a full week.

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