Monday, June 30, 2008

An Unusual Visitor

On Saturday, Em, Nana and I went on a quick shopping trip while Ben stayed back to catch up on some "landscaping chores". While trimming he noticed a turtle near the front wheel of the car...a little bit out of the ordinary as we are right in the village and his journey to arrive here had to have included traveling quite a distance and crossing some main streets with busy traffic.

When "the girls" arrived back from the store we were directed to a rubbermaid tote "tank" where the turtle was residing with some water and a large stone. After a brief visit, our guest seemed to be rather agitated and unhappy with his accomodations. We decided it was best to take him "home." So we found a pail for him to ride in, packed everyone up in the car and headed for Mill St. Pond to let him go free.

Though she was a bit sad that he couldn't stay, Em released him knowing that she was doing the right thing and making him "very happy"'s to a good life at the pond, little guy!

P.S. While we were at the pond we had fun watching a pair of ducks and saw lots of pretty dragonflies.

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