Monday, June 9, 2008


The last few days have been HOT...upper 90s (nearing 100) and humid! UGH!

Some of the activity at our house during the heat wave:
Air conditioner made horrible noise and died 3:45 am Friday morning...
Shopping trip for new air conditioner...6:30 pm Friday evening...
Alternating periods of hot & sweaty daily tasks, hiding in the air conditioned bedroom and playing in the water. Gotta love slip n slide...

At one point Em stated, "thank God for Moms...and water!" Oh if I could have her innocence and cheery outlook...especially in this sweltering heat. She makes the best of a situation and usually ends up having lots of fun and truly enjoying the moment. I should follow her example a little more often!!

P.S. I did run through the sprinkler with her!!

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