Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Ben's birthday so Em and I had plans to take him out for dinner. While we waited for him to get home from work, we spent some time thinking and discussing where he might like to go. He arrived home and announced that he wanted TGI Fridays...we hadn't even given that a thought! But, it was his day and it did sound good!

Just so happens that last night at TGI's there was a he got dinner & a show (right at the table)! Under strict orders we kept quiet about his birthday so the magician geared his performance towards Em...she loved it and we had lots of fun, too.

It was nice to celebrate...he's a great husband and a wonderful father and really deserves to be celebrated!

And the fun continues...
Tonight is birthday part 2. His mom is cooking his annual birthday dinner at her house!

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