Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twirlin' in the Rain

Must be I've forgotten what my mother taught me about coming in out of the fact so much so that I purposely went out in the rain and took my own daughter with me.

After several days of extreme heat, some cool rain began to fall from the sky...I decided to take advantage of nature's sprinkler and make a memory with my daughter....

Mommy: "Want to go run in the rain with me?"
Emmy: "YEAH! I'll do it!"

So off we went...

Emmy: "Twirl with me Mommy!"

So we twirled in the rain until we were dizzy (and wet)!

Emmy: "How 'bout we go get our pjs and snuggle."
Mommy: "YEAH! Let's go!"

Pjs...Snuggles...and Bedtime stories...A GREAT night! :)

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