Thursday, July 17, 2008

A text message and the Holy Spirit

Our ladies group usually meets on Thursday evenings, but last week there were various reasons for unavailability (as there have been quite frequently lately). Usually we just try again the next week.

Well, last week was a bit I sat at work Friday morning I felt like we needed to meet and I couldn't stop thinking that I should contact them and see if they were free that evening or the next. NEVER before have we rescheduled to a different night if we couldn't meet on Thursday. So, it was a bit out of the ordinary but I had missed our time together, felt a strong urge to do so and decided to give it a try.

Before I left my office for home, I sent a quick text message asking if they were available. They were and we ended up meeting at our favorite place for some tea & biscotti (lemonade for the non-tea drinker).

After we gathered, we realized that we had been "summoned". What started out to be "about us" ended up becoming an opportunity to witness to someone in her time of need.

Lately I've been seeking to know what it is the Lord would have me do...when the ladies mentioned that I had received a prompting from the Holy Spirit to get us there that night, I felt encouraged in my quest for a greater purpose.

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