Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Changes and New Beginnings

Changes abound at our house and exciting new beginnings are taking place.

A few weeks back Ben spotted an exciting job opportunity posted online and the whirlwind began. Within a matter of 5 days, he had applied for the position, interviewed and accepted their proposal. He began his new adventure this Monday and so far is truly enjoying this career change.

Along with the job change, comes a bit of schedule/routine change. Since he now has a 1/2 hour commute and has to be on the job by 7am, mornings come a bit earlier for us. Which also means that bedtime comes earlier as well. (In my opinion, this is a welcome change as far as Emily is concerned. She is actually getting to bed at a proper time.) The grown-ups are trying to get into the swing of early bedtime/early wake up.

Last week I experienced my own little life change...after being in my current position for nearly four years, I find myself unemployed. I've been a bit unsettled and unhappy for some time and searching for something else to no avail. Although at first, I experienced the normal shock, panic, etc. that comes with job loss, I am now seeing it as a chance for a new beginning and perhaps a bit of a blessing in disguise. As I process, I feel that there is better things in store. I have a sense of peace and am taking this little break to evaluate where my life is headed.

My boss allowed me to take some time and then come back to clean out my office of personal items. I had planned to go do so last Friday, but as it went, we got a foot of snow and I stayed put near the fireplace for the day! So, Monday morning I headed to the office for my belongings and had a brief moment of clarity and confirmation that thing were going to be ok and that brighter, better things are ahead.

Sunday night and Monday morning it had been POURING rain (even woke me a few times) and was gray and dark and GLOOMY! Not wanting to prolong the "cleanout" any longer, I put on my raincoat and off I went. I gathered my things, had a quick chat with a co-worker and made my way out the back door for the last time.

As I dodged puddles and headed through the lot, with my plotted plant in one hand and a tote bag full of framed photos and various items in the other, the sun broke through, the sky turned blue and I gazed up at the puffy, cotton-like clouds. The sun continued to shine on me as I made my way to the car, loaded my things and started the car. As I pulled out of the lot, the sun left as quickly as it had appeared. But for a brief moment, I believe I was given a sign that there's light in the situation and brighter, better things are in store for me.

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