Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daily Life: The Weekend (March 4-6)

This weekend has been fun, restful and productive. After I picked Em up at school Friday, we headed to meet Nana at Rita's. It was opening day for the season and we couldn't resist a little icy treat! Nana had custard, I had a mango & vanilla gelati and Em had Swedish Fish Ice...

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Rita's...

Later Friday evening, Em went with Nana to the high school's production of Annie. She had a great time. Ben and I took the chance for a litte "date night" and tried out the new Cici's pizza buffett and made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby. We got the clay for Em's school project she needs to do, looked at a couple things and they made the "the store is closing any minute announcement." Don't have to go home, but can't stay there past 8pm! HA! In my few minutes, I did find a couple jewelry making supplies. So...

Saturday was spent being lazy and doing a little creating. Here's one pendant I made with some scrapbooking paper and stickers and some beads I had hanging around...not bad for thrown together with miscellaneous pieces.

And I am especially fond of this creation. My photography met up with my jewelry making and I LOVE the result! What do you think? Perhaps a prototype of things to come up for sale at "Gabbeads"?!?

We spent the evening at 6:11 service at church and some more lazy lounging at home.

Sunday started out on a lazy note...hubby (pickin' and grinnin' with his new guitar). Don't tell him that I posted this...he wasn't thrilled that I took his pic while we were looking like "bums" around the house!

Then the SNOW began and since I felt cooped up indoors I got to work! First up was to clean the living room and send the toys back upstairs, do some dusting and de-cluttering. Then came the cleaning/organizing of the 2 pantry cupboards. I think they're more organized than they have EVER been! I'm so happy! Hoping to keep up the momentum and keep clearing out un-needed items and really de-clutter my house and my life once and for all!

Hope you all had a great weekend! If you're in "these parts" with the snowstorm, stay safe and warm!

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