Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daily Life: Monday-Wednesday (March 7-9)

I've got a little catching up to do...Monday was another SNOW day! Tons of snow fell, piled up and drifted. So after I prepared coffee, hot breakfast, packed lunch and sent hubby on his way I did some cleaning/scrubbing of the bathroom. The cleaning didn't necessarily bring joy to my day, but the results did and spending the day at home with my girl was good. (No pics since the clena bathroom isn't that exciting and Little Miss Pajamas didn't really want the "paparazzi" around).

Tuesday morning was spent with housekeeping, taking my father for bloodwork and then a trip to Hobby Lobby for a few supplies where I ran into a couple girlfriends and had a fun time shopping/browsing with them for the afternoon. ( photos...I'm slacking off!)

Today was spent creating an awesome meets jewelry again.

A quick trip to the grocery store and a little tidying up before having Ben's mom for a fun evening of yummy dinner (prepared by yours truly), apple crumb pie that "Mom" brought with her for dessert, a mini saxaphone concert performed by Em and a game of Apples to Apples Disney Edition.

Hopefully I will get back on track with some photos of all the things that bring me joy. Lately the "joys" in my day haven't been so photogenic! HA!

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