Saturday, March 22, 2008

Should we charge her rent or help her file bankruptcy?

So Emily, my mom and I are sitting in the local pizza place yesterday finishing up lunch when Em turns to Nana covers her mouth with her hand and starts making a funny noise...we've been there way too long for the pizza to have burned her so I'm thinking she's either bit her tongue or she's just being silly. Nope...neither! Another tooth fell out. Missing tooth #5!!! Just a week and a half after the last lost tooth and ONE day ofter she showed me it was wiggly.

So, I've been wondering whether we should charge the tooth fairy rent for all the time she's been spending here lately or if we should help her to file for bankruptcy because she's going broke paying for my child's teeth. We keep joking that one of these times the tooth fairy is going to leave a bill instead of money!

So now that the tooth fairy has come again and we've celebrated the dog's birthday we are anxiously awaiting the Easter bunny's arrival tonight while we're sleeping. Hopefully whatever candy he leaves can be easily eaten with 4 1/2 missing teeth!

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