Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flying Free

This morning I arose to, not a car horn. It was the wonderful sound of the geese returning. There was so much significance for me this morrning as I listened to their noisy flight overhead. Their return means that springtime is fast approaching. Their ability to freely fly got me to thinking about Emily. Today she went on her first ever "play date" hour away from home to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate a friend's birthday. As a mom, tons of thoughts raced through my mind and a wave of mixed emotions came over me. So excited yet so sad that she's growing up and doing things on her own. Perhaps I'm a control freak, or just too overprotective, but there I was this morning standing in the driveway letting my "baby" go and entrusting her care to another and it was really hard. My saying for today..."I have to let her grow up...but I don't have to like it." As I thought back to the geese and the other birds who have been chirping and singing in our backyard the last couple of days, I think of the tendency I have to want to "clip her wings" much like a caged bird, yet deep in my heart I know the right thing to do is help her develop and strengthen her wings so when the time comes to fly from the nest, she'll be ready and equipped to soar freely! I'm surviving the day with her gone and my anxiety level is surprisingly low. Besides, some time alone now and then will allow a little freedom to be me and do some "flying" of my own.

Here's a great song from Mark Harris...

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