Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Mojo!

Since rescuing our beloved companion, Mojo, from the shelter Memorial Day weekend 2003, he has brought so much love and laughter to our family. Because he's a shelter dog, we don't have an exact birthdate for him, but based on our calculations his birthday is somewhere right around March 20th. So we held a somewhat impromptu celebration today complete with gifts of basted rawhide bones and a fuzzy squeaky bone toy and a "birthday cake"...which was actually a chocolate chip cookie smothered in peanut butter with a peanut butter biscuit to top it off. Yummy!

To kick off the celebration, his pre-party apetizer was some starburst fruity jelly beans. I think lemon was his favorite flavor.

Party pics of the birthday beagle...

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