Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thirteen to Thirteen: Day 10

Lesson #10: Great Things Come in Small Packages

Emily, they say "great things come in small packages" and it's so true. Like the time your daddy pulled a small ring box out and asked me to spend forever with him...or the time he surprised me with diamond earrings on my 25th birthday...and then there was the day that I wrapped a pair of tiny baby nail clippers in a small box and gave it to "Nana & Poppy" with a little note to announce that you were on the way.

But nothing proves that statement more than you, precious girl! You came into our lives weighing a mere 5 pounds, 4 oz. But let me tell you, the love we felt was immeasurable (and still is).

You were so tiny. The night we brought you home, as I dressed you, I sat on the edge of that hospital bed and cried uncontrollably. Your little outfit seemed to swallow you and I couldn't believe that I was being entrusted to care for such a tiny, delicate little person.

As terrified as I was that night, we brought you home and we've survived 13 years together!

I sit in awe as I think of how you've grown: physically, emotionally, intellectually...you have blossomed into an amazing young lady are are beautiful inside and out. You are smart, funny, talented, have a huge heart and contagious joy. I could stay up all night listing things, but I think you know how I feel.

You may have come to us in a small package, but you truly are the greatest gift we have ever received.

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