Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thirteen to Thirteen: Day 1

In less than two weeks we will be celebrating a big birthday around here. Emily is turning 13. I cannot believe how the years have flown by and that in a matter of days we'll have a teenager in the house!

Thirteen years ago, with a flurry of emotion including excitement, anticipation and (I'll admit) fear, I walked (waddled) into that labor and delivery room to meet my precious girl. From the moment I laid eyes on her, my heart was bursting at the seams with love and I knew life would never be the same. Little did I know that winter night, just how much that tiny 5 pound, 4 ounce person was about to change me--for the better!

I am in awe of how much she has taught me over the years and thought it'd be fun to share some "Life Lessons According to Emily Claire".

#1...DON'T be afraid to express yourself. Accessories are a must...

and you are NEVER to old to add a fun touch to your outfit!

Stop by tomorrow for Lesson #2.

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