Monday, February 25, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I may be showing my age a little with that title. Yes. I listened to Cyndi Lauper growing up in the... ahem...1980s.

Anyway, today is Monday aka "Fun"day here. I had planned to share some great craft or game or some delicious cook together as a family recipe but came up a bit short in the inspiration department. At 3pm, as I headed out the door back to another store for something I had forgotten earlier in the day, my internal voice started up. "The end of the day and you've got nothing, again."

Thankfully, twelve-year-olds and Taylor Swift tunes are quite successful at winning my attention and blaring over top of those voices that try to tell me I'm not good enough and will never be.

Though I was singing along with the cd player and my girl as we drove towards Target (one of if not THE favorite store of mine) I was a bit cranky. I had already been to several stores including the grocery but somehow the coffee slipped my mind (shopping list, anyone?) and we all know what it's like when Mama doesn't get her coffee in the morning. So, back to Target for Round Two! This time with my helper. As I pulled into the lot, I gave her the lecture that we were getting the k-cups I like and right back out of there. The bank account and my patience were already spent and we just needed to get done and back home.

But, I guess there is something to be said for being with one of your favorite people in one of your favorite places that changes everything. Suddenly, it was as if my impatience, worries, bad attitude had all gotten trapped on the outside of that automatic door.

As we wandered the aisles of that store, we giggled, we tried on hats and sunglasses, we picked out crazy nail polish colors for her that I wouldn't dream of wearing, we reminisced over the baby clothing section, and I even kept my cool as she perused the shelves of the dreaded toy section.

In that moment (hour and a half, really) it was just her and I. No bank balances, no dog hair to vacuum off the carpet, no frustrations, no homework, no ticking of the was just me and my girl and we were having FUN!

P.S. I remembered the coffee, as well! :)

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