Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day Recap (with a little news rolled in)

Things have been routinely chaotic and I haven't been very inspired but I thought I'd pop in briefly to recap my Mother's Day. I can't believe that I have celebrated 11 of them with my very own precious child.

The day started out with delicious waffles homemade by Ben & Emily and decorated with a strawberries & whipped cream heart and french vanilla coffee...

(Yes...the life of a mother. That WOULD be a rubber snake in the corner of the picture! And I'm not even the mother of a boy! HA!)

Pretty pink tulips in a mason jar vase hand painted by my little princess...(they look purple here, but they're pink!)

After breakfast, I snuck in a little time working on my brother-in-law, John and his wife, Tamara's webpage (they are missionaries heading to Ghana and I agreed this past Friday to be their volunteer PR/Marketing Manager which includes re-design of the website, creation of a blog and much more) while I had a captive audience to provide opinions.

After some great input (and a little praise-always nice) and a few minor changes I signed off the laptop for the day and we all got around to head to my in-laws.

We enjoyed a cookout of grilled steaks with potatoes and tossed salad for sides and we had cake that Emily had picked out for dessert. Hours of visiting later, we ordered pizza and wings. It was a full day of visiting and fun...most likely one of the last times we'll have that with John & Tammy as they are heading to Ghana on July 6th and will be gone for four years.

After years of preparation, it's a little hard to comprehend that they are actually boarding a plane and moving to West Africa in just weeks!

Aside from the memories of Mothers' Day picnic and pizza, Tammy gave me a gorgeous gift that I will truly's a tote that a friend of hers crafted for her using fabric she had gotten on a previous trip to Africa. It will serve as a great reminder of  the work she and John are doing on behalf of the people in Ghana and be a little piece of my partner in family crime and other half of "those Erway girls" here at home while she's away!

Of course, I also had some visiting with my mother at either end of the day. I couldn't forget her. Since I see her every day, I gave her something to enjoy: a day of quiet! :)

Hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day as well, whether you were celebrating, being celebrated or both!

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