Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March Madness

I don't know where the time goes! The month of March flew by and I experienced a bit of "March Madness," though not what you're probably thinking. I am NOT talking about basketball. I didn't watch any of it and just really didn't care to. Please don't be offended if you got into it and love's just not MY thing. I have never been fond of sports and especially on television. I'd rather curl up with a good book and a cup of tea or head to a clearance rack at one of my favorite stores! 

Some of the major highlights of March included:

Intermediate School Science Night with lots of hands on fun and the famous (or perhaps infamous) Egg Drop Contest. Emily entered her "Little Red Hen" creation. Even though she didn't win, the red hen kept her egg safe so it was a success!

A rather last minute, solo trip to Pennsylvania for a couple of days (my first major trip traveling alone complete with driving through toll booths, tunnels, etc.). I had a great time at Thomas Econometrics' historic office space, spending time with sister (who happens to be the Founder/CEO) and conducting a little photo shoot for some marketing/promo we've got in the works for the business. I think the photos turned out fabulous.

Then it was back home to my husband, my girl, the sweet little one I babysit and the real madness: unseasonable weather! Though it wasn't permanent, we had some unseasonably (CRAZY) warmth. Temperatures ranged from the 60s-80s and I think we even witnessed 90s. Spring & summer weather in March in Upstate New York?!? That is definitely March MADNESS! But, I am NOT complaining...I certainly enjoyed blue skies, sunshine, time outdoors, and bare toes!

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