Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday I became the subject of a comparison on my sister' business blog. Emily was also rather excited that she got a little mention as well.

I had my brief moment in the spotlight, agree wholeheartedly that often decisions rather than circumstances affect our situation and like the comparison she made. However, comparison hasn't always been my friend. At times in the past, I have done my own comparing of the "two sisters" and have often felt like I didn't measure up...that I was inferior...perhaps not as motivated or successful as she and maybe even a bit of a disappointment. Yesterday's post came as a great reminder that it is not about success or motivation or the "hand I've been dealt"'s about MY decisions, living them out and finding peace in trusting that I made the right choices for ME.

I chose where I am today. I chose family over a fancy title and a fat paycheck. I chose long nights in a rocking chair in my baby's room over long hours at a desk in an office somewhere. Instead of depositing large sums into a retirement account, I am stocking up on priceless memories of moments shared with those I love. My bank balance may be pathetic at times, but my heart is overflowing with love from a devoted husband and a daughter who adores me.

As my sister stated, my part-time job doesn't come with a "prestigious title" and I don't earn much money, but I have grown rather fond of the title, "Mom" and am rich with love. Besides, at home, I have the most beautiful, caring, little "boss" anyone could wish for.

P.S. My big sister may have a PhD, but I'm not sure how many sleepless nights she'd survive with a crying baby or how many times she'd shrug off stepping on Polly Pockets or Littlest Pet Shops! HA!

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