Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Path

Under bright blue skies with puffy marshmallow clouds, I make my way down the brightly lit path so sure of where I'm going. The aroma of wildflowers tickles my nose, the sunlight warms my face and I cannot help myself from humming along to the bird song.

But, then as if someone flips a switch, dark clouds roll in. The sun fades. Darkness grows.

My once bright, smooth path has turned to dimly lit bumpy terrain and I have all I can do to keep from tripping. As I stumble along I begin to wonder. Am I going the right way? Is that really my destination up ahead? Should I even be trying to get there? 

The questions...the doubt...the fear.

But in that moment, it comes. Just enough light to take that next step. I take it. And the next. I continue one step at a time along life's journey...trusting and hopeful.

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  1. I love it. There's always hope even through the most difficult obstacles. Thank you for this encouragement this morning!

  2. Oh, I've been there so many times! So true! Thanks for sharing!!