Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year 2010

As we sat this afternoon still in our pjs on this New Years Day 2011, I was thinking of fun things we could do to occupy our time while Ben was out doing a couple of errands. I came up with the silly idea to do an ABC review of the year 2010. As we thought of the past 12 months, we recalled moments of love, laughter and family times. There are SO MANY wonderful times we shared. For some letters we had a very difficult time narrowing it down to just one.

Here's our attempt to sum it all up in just 26 highlights:
A: Art...Emily continues to be the little artist of the family and participates in Art Enrichment at school
B: Black August Emily proudly earned her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
C: Corning Community College: The Fall Semester found Ben teaching as an adjunt auto professor
D: DISNEY...We FINALLY made it on a family trip to Walt Disney World
E: Enjoyed...We enjoyed sharing life and love with one another
F: Flew to Florida...Took a vacation, stayed with family and celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary
G: Gator Jerky...While in Florida had a real "tourist" moment and stopped for Gator Jerky...I even tried it!!
H: Harry Potter-Hogsmeade...While in Florida we went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios
I:  Ice Hockey...Emily and classmates sang the National Anthem at 2 Jackals Hockey games
J: Jewelry...I continue to make jewelry (mostly for my own wear) but would like to really get into business
K: Kayaking: Ben and Emily enjoyed kayaking together at the lake
L: Lake...The three of us spent the week at the lake with Ben's side of the family
M: Met...Met many new friends, Disney Characters and even some relatives that we hadn't previously met
N: Netbook...Santa was very kind to Emily this year and got her a netbook...her own computer!!!
O: Ocean...While in Florida we spent a gorgeous afternoon at the ocean playing in the sand and waves
P: Performances...Attended show including Princess Wishes Disney on Ice, Golden Age of Radio and more
Q: Quiet...Enjoyed some moments of relaxation and quiet time
R: Roller Coasters...Em and Ben went on most of the coasters at Disney and even I went on Splash Mountain
S: Saxophone...Emily began playing saxophone and presented a concert at Christmas dinner
T: Tore down a wall...Bathroom wall was "demolished" in the process of looking for the source of a  houseful of honey bees
U: Underwater Swimming...Emily spent many summer days at the pool perfecting her underwater swimming
V: Vice-President...Emily ran and was elected as 4th Grade Student Council VP
W: Won the Spelling Bee...Emily became the 3rd grade spelling champ
X: X-Mas...Hosted our first Christmas dinner at our house...was so nice to have everyone here
Y: Youth Ministry...Ben continues to be involved in the church's youth ministry...Emily and I go along on some outings
Zebra Mussel Shells...Lots of zebra mussel shells were spotted on the lake shore

2010 proved to be a fabulous's hoping the new year will be just as great.

Blessings to you all as you recall your 2010 and look ahead to what lies before you in 2011.

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