Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally some time to blog...

It's been a while since we added anything new...too busy having fun! Some highlights since the last post: the family has celebrated 3 birthdays , made 2 day trips to the lake to visit out of town relatives staying there, the "girls" have gotten new hairdos, Emily has lost her first tooth and been visited by the tooth fairy, and so much more.

I finally have time to fill everyone in and add a few pics...I'm a free woman for a couple of afternoons. WOO HOO!! Emily is in Philly with Nana & Poppy on a visit to her Aunt Steph. Today was their special trip to the safari park...can't wait to see any pics that my "little photographer" took while there. She's having fun. Although it's too quiet and I miss her, I'm enjoying some free time...stopped after work for a new short haircut (back to my old standby style...the chin length bob with bangs!) Even painted my finger nails this afternoon. Of course now I'm all "beautified" and nobody is around to see it! At least for a few hours until Ben gets home.

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