Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Quite the Cappuccino!

Well, yesterday started off "on the right foot" so to speak. Ben left for Rochester for a 2-day class and Emily and I got ready for school and work and left with plenty of time to spare (for once). I delivered her safely to school, and realizing that I still had 40 minutes until I needed to be at work, I decided that I'd stop for a cappuccino and have a nice leisurely trip to work. What a calm, nice morning...until I stopped at the local convenience store for the cappuccino. Not a good idea! I got out of my car and started across the parking lot and turned my ankle. foot hurts a little, but no big deal. So I continue into the store, get the cappuccino and pay. I get back in the car and off to work. So I'm there at work doing my thing, but every time I get up from my desk for something I notice my foot is starting to hurt worse. So by the time I leave work I'm hobbling to the back door and across the parking lot wondering if I'm really going to make it to my car. I manage to get there, drive home and drag myself into the house. Then comes the fun part...up the stairs to the bathroom. As time passes, I decide that it's getting worse not better, swelling and getting bruised. Not a good sign. I can barely walk even hanging on to various pieces of furniture, etc. Needless to say, I ended up in the ER. 2 1/2 hours later I was finally on my way home with a cracked metatarsal (bone in the side of my foot) and wrapped up with an ace bandage and one of those flat, hard soled velcro boot-shoe things. Such attractive footwear!! The latest spring fashion! Anyway, I am seeing the orthopedic dr. Thurs. afternoon.
All that for convenience store cappuccino...for all this trouble & pain, it could've at least been Starbuck's or a nice cafe or something!!!

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